For three generations the family name of KANEDA has been famous in the Himeji area for innovative leather production.

The senior president Mr. Jiro KANEDA of KYOHSHIN CO.,LTD. established KANENI LEATHER in 1955 from THE KANEDA TANNERY which his father and oldest brother established in Himeji at the beginning of the 19th century. KYOHSHIN CO.,LTD. was established in 1972 from KANENI LEATHER focusing on the export and import of leather in Korea, Taiwan and other Asian countries.

KYOHSHIN CO.,LTD. is now under management of a new young President, Mr. Yoji KANEDA who studied at the world renowned REUTLINGEN GERMAN LEATHER SCHOOL and graduated as a leather technician in 1984.The combination of Yoji KANEDA's technical expertise with the latest international finishing systems and machinery has enabled KYOHSHIN CO.,LTD. to further expand its capabilities into the forefront of leather production.

KYOHSHIN CO.,LTD. is now working closely with different designers in Tokyo producing innovative and fashionable leathers suitable for shoes, bags, handbags, belts, and small leather goods that not only will appeal to today's market place but will appeal to the fashion conscious new generations.

Supporting KYOHSHIN CO.,LTD. in the TOKYO BRANCH is Mr. Hisanaga KANEDA the younger brother of the President.

KYOHSHIN CO.,LTD. views the world as its marketplace and hence promotes itself at international leather fairs such as LINEA PELLE in Bologna, Hong Kong and Miami (USA).

Recently, we develop new article "The Computer Graphic Leather", which is very colourful and many different desighs for fashionable leather goods.

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